Pulmonary and Sleep Specialists


"Dr. Mushlin is an awesome doctor! Super personable and very knowledgeable. I have always had to call and leave messages asking doctors to call me with my test results  - but not with Dr. Mushlin! He called me on a Saturday to go over my test results and even took the time to review my sleep study results too! The Exton office is very clean and everyone that works there has been so kind to me. I can't recommend them enough!"

- Jen

"When I first met Dr. Mushlin, I was down to sleeping only 3 hours per night and I was a walking zombie. After an overnight sleep study, I later learned that my brain was awakening me every 3 minutes or so. Dr. Mushlin wanted to put me on a certain drug right away, but my insurance company objected. I had to try drugs A, B, and C, first, to see if any of them worked. Well, Dr. Mushlin was right all along. He knew what would help me. Whether your problem is sleep or lung related, smiling Dr. Mushlin is the best doc around and he’s humble, too! You won’t be sorry if you let him and his staff take care of your medical needs."
- Roberta P.

"I found Dr. Mushlin to be very generous with the amount of time he spends with his patients.  He takes a thorough history and gives great consideration to the information you provide.  He is caring and attentive and wants to solve the medical issue presented to him."
- Ryan P.

"Dr. Mushlin gave me my life back! I was SO tired all of the time and I had no idea what was wrong with me! He diagnosed me and put me on proper medication. Now I can function again! I am SO appreciative! Dr. Mushlin and his staff are extremely helpful and reliable, I don’t know what I would do without them!"
- Rachel S.

"Dr. Mushlin is an amazing doctor that I trust with my life. He is caring, compassionate and empathetic, all the qualities you want in a doctor. He is always on top of the latest research, treatment protocols and the best medication that will treat you efficiently. I recommend him to anyone in need of a pulmonary doctor or sleep specialist. I have been his patient for 2.5 years.

I trust him so much that I brought my mother in as a patient. Dr. Mushlin was treating my mother for sleep and pulmonary care, and he saved her life on more than one occasion. Under his care, she was breathing the best she had been able to breathe in over a decade and was able to be more active and have a better quality of life. We are forever indebted to him for that alone."
- Judith M.

"I met Dr. Mushlin when I was having severe insomnia, restless legs, asthma and chronic pain. He figured out what the problems were and we started to address them one by one. Over the next few weeks I started to get relief. First he got me back to sleep without a sleeping pill. He taught me sleep hygiene and it helped. Next he got my restless legs to calm down and my asthma in check.

I've been his patient for at least five years. He is articulate, kind, and patient. He truly cares about his patients. Among his specialties are pulmonary, sleep care and critical care to name a few. I highly recommend Dr. Mushlin to anyone experiencing health issues that seem unmanageable or out of control. He will figure them out and you'll get relief! I promise. Thank you Dr. Mushlin!
- Helen S.

“Dr. Mushlin has been my pulmonologist through a very tough year of respiratory illness.  He has treated me with care and respect, always listening to and working with my preferences as to treatment.  He returns calls promptly and is thorough in looking at all aspects of respiratory health.  I’m happy to say we even cured my illness.”
-Andrea S.

"Dr. Mushlin is a keen listener and was the first medical care professional to ask me questions to get to an answer that would improve my sleep and overall health. He continues to ask questions and listen to find the perfect balance of treatment for me and as a result has built trust. I would follow him to any practice. His patience and understanding has allowed me to communicate openly with him. He is very responsive and caring as well as has a great sense of humor. I would recommend him to anyone."
- Tamara M.

"Dr. Mushlin gave me a life I thought I could never have! In my first visit with Dr. Mushlin, he asked the right questions and really listened to me explain my symptoms. During that initial visit, he gave me answers to my issues that 20 years of previous doctors never could. After my sleep test, he called me with the final results within one day and clearly explained to me my next steps. He went above and beyond to help me with insurance claims and getting my new medicines. It has been 3 years since that Sleep Test.  Dr. Mushlin still always calls me right back, listens to any medication questions and discusses with me the newest treatments/medications for my sleep disorder. Dr. Mushlin helped my life go from constant exhaustion and struggle to now to being able to go out with my spouse after work, work in the yard on the weekends and actually enjoy the holidays."  
- Jet K.

"Having a condition and Being in my late 40’s, I’ve gotten quite a collection of specialists. That being said, Dr. Neil Mushlin quickly became my favorite doctor. His professionalism and pleasant bedside manner put me at ease. Excellent communication and an ability to make me feel that my concerns are taken seriously, make me feel cared for. I don’t feel like a chart in a filing cabinet. I feel like a friend. I’m sorry that I have pulmonary issues, but not sorry that Dr. Mushlin is taking care of me, I feel like everything is going to be OK. He’s a good man and a great Doctor. He has my gratitude and my respect."
- Lane O.

"Dr. Mushlin is an exceptional pulmonologist who is compassionate, caring person and a truly understanding doctor. His demeanor and bedside manner is calm, positive, thorough and attentive. I was referred to Dr. Mushlin by my family physician. I required an expert who was very knowledgeable and dedicated to the care of patients who have Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency. When I leave his office, I am confident in his prescribed care."
- Barb M.

"Dr. Mushlin is not only an extraordinarily competent pulmonologist, it is obvious to me that he truly cares about my health. He actually listens when I talk to him, taking the time to fully understand my illness symptoms. I honestly believe I would not be alive today without his taking the extra steps to meticulously and accurately diagnosis my condition, and come up with the treatment protocol to save my life."
- Jean K.

"I struggle with asthma and have been in and out of the hospital. When doctors couldn’t find out how to make my health better, Dr. Mushlin never gave up looking for answers and now I’m healthier and happier than I have been in a very long time and haven’t been in the hospital in over a year. He is an amazing doctor and truly cares about his patients. He makes you feel comfortable and listens to your concerns and truly makes you think you are his only patient. I respect him as a doctor and would recommend him to anyone who wants a passionate doctor who cares about his patients and always puts them first!"
Robyn C.

"It has been my extreme good fortune to have been referred to Dr. Mushlin about 7 years ago.  His genuine care and concern is very atypical these days.  He’s very thorough, knowledgeable and precise in every aspect of caring for each patient.  He has taken care of both sleep medicine and pulmonary issues for me always being sure to explain his rationale and to listen.  Dr. Mushlin always takes the time needed and I’m always reassured that I won’t be rushed along if I truly need his attention.  He has even checked in on me just to see how I’m doing. You’re in very good hands placing your care with Dr. Mushlin.

- Rosanne M.

"After retiring I developed breathing issues and problems including reactions to the many medications I was taking. I was treated for allergies and other issues without success. After several years of problems I was referred to Dr. Mushlin. He started me on a journey to find the source and path to take to deal with my asthma and allergies. His knowledge and commitment to my health issues has been successful and given me the confidence and trust to hope for a healthier life."

- Evelyn I. 

"Dr. Mushlin has been treating me for almost 7 years for asthma/COPD. I was going through doctors who had no idea what was going on with symptoms I was having or how to treat me. One doctor was saying one thing, and another something completely different. When I cam in for an appointment with Dr. Mushlin, right away he put in orders for things no other doctor had. He asked questions no other doctor had and he started to put the pieces together. Not long after I was diagnosed with Lupus and began treatment. He has been so helpful and doesn't stop until the problem is solved. I've never had a doctor who cares about his patients and fights for what his patients need. He's very knowledgeable on a tremendous amount of things and makes sure you understand everything before leaving the office. I'm so glad that he is going to be starting his own practice, as I will continue to see him there and get the best care possible!"

- Melissa C.

"If you are looking for a knowledgeable, experienced practitioner with compassion and a bedside manner like you have never seen before you found him, Dr. Mushin. I was hospitalized a few years ago and he would come visit me everyday, even when he was not on call. Dr. Mushlin is a wonderful listener and respects and cares for his patients. I feel comfortable discussing my condition and plan of care with him. He is hands down the best doctor I ever had. I would highly recommend Dr. Mushlin."

- Diana D.

"It is my pleasure to recommend Doctor Mushlin to anyone suffering from breathing or sleep issues. Over the years, I have seen multiple specialists who each tried different treatments. None of them made a true difference, until Dr. Mushlin. He was the only one who asked fresh questions and then carefully considered my answers. After further testing, he provided a new diagnosis never even mentioned as a possibility by my other doctors.  His diagnosis and treatment have made an extraordinary difference in my life.   

Dr. Mushlin is in that rare breed of specialists who can still see the big picture, not just the facts that fit their own specialty. During a routine follow up, he listened to my vague minor complaints, and then urged me to see a cardiac specialist. When I protested, saying nothing seemed that severe, Dr. Mushlin’s patient explanation of why it was important to rule out heart disease led me to act quickly. I am glad I did:  shortly after my visit, I was admitted for a procedure that saved me from an imminent, and probably fatal, heart attack. 

Dr. Mushlin’s exemplary combination of passion, knowledge, and experience, coupled with his friendly style has made a tremendous difference in my life. I know he will work exceedingly hard to make an equal difference in yours."
- Dave B.

“I want to wholeheartedly thank Dr. Neil Mushlin for his attentive care over many years. Through his expertise and thoroughness, he diagnosed that I had a contracted a serious lung disorder. Dr. Mushlin ensured I immediately received the best possible care. As he continued to monitor my progress, he helped me obtain the finest medical attention from specialists, which included extensive testing and treatment. He is a consummate medical professional in every sense of word.”
- Jose G.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Mushlin since 2010. He was able to recognize the seemingly unrelated symptoms, previously dismissed by other doctors, as Narcolepsy. An accurate diagnosis and adequate treatment changed my life from barely existing to regaining the ability to really live. He cares about patients and is willing to listen if symptoms become problematic so treatment can be adjusted appropriately. I have recommend Dr. Mushlin to several friends looking for a sleep specialist as well."
- Brandy A.

"It was 2010 when I first met Dr. Neil Mushlin, while I was admitted into the hospital with dangerous low oxygen levels. I was 49 when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  I had 36 rounds radiation treatments and was subscribed the drug Tamoxifen.  Fatigue set in, my breathing was labored with shortness of breath and I was frightened, worn out and in bad shape.
Dr. Mushlin greeted me with comforting bedside manner and was determined to find out what was causing my symptoms.  Dr. Mushlin contacted my Oncologists to discuss my health together.  I was overwhelmed with his kindness and knew he truly cared and was determined to find out what was going on.  I knew that Dr. Mushlin was dedicated to me “his patient.” 
The following week I had a follow up with Dr. Mushlin in his office.  Dr. Mushlin asked permission to converse with other colleges, as this was a very unusual and puzzling rare case.  It was determined that the drug Tamoxifen was creating side effects that were damaging my lung tissue.  Dr. Mushlin immediately contacted my Oncologists and reviewed with them his plan for my recovery. 
We spent almost 1 year together with follow up visits.  Never did I have to wait long or felt rushed at his office.  Dr. Mushlin would explain in detail his recommendations and breathing treatments that made me healthy again and if at any time I had any concerns he was always there. I am truly thankful that Dr. Mushlin saved my life.   
Dr. Mushlin, is a dedicated, devoted, compassionate and caring Physician that I would highly recommend to any patient or family member."
- Patti G.

"It is with great pleasure that I am able to say that I am a patient of Dr. Mushlin and have been for many years.  He is a very attentive physician who gives excellent medical care. Because Dr. Mushlin has an exceptional sense of responsibility I totally entrust him with my health and wellness.  Not only does he make me feel like a priority, his staff does as well.  Dr. Mushlin returns my phone calls by the end of his work day and has, on more than one occasion, made time for me as an add-on patient.  I have highly recommended him to my family and friends simply because he is invaluable."     
-Tracey M.

"Dr. Neil Mushlin has been my pulmonary doctor for several years. I have a compromised immune system and I have been diagnosed with beginning stage of COPD. That diagnosis is enough to scare you and make you frightened. From the very beginning Dr. Mushlin displayed a very caring attitude and his sincere interest to help me get better was amazing. I felt he was concerned about my wellness, he never rushed through our appointment and he spent quality time discussing my issues. Dr. Mushlin eased my worries with his style of talking to me in terms I could understand......wow that was awesome to have a doctor actually talk to me.

As Dr. Mushlin was administering care to me there were significant challenges with the insurance company. He took charge and challenged the insurance company personally, he opted for peer to peer conferences to get the issues resolved and HE NEVER GAVE UP! Eventually the insurance company came around because Dr. Mushlin fought for me.

I am feeling much better, appear healthier all because of the confidence I have for Dr. Mushlin’s medical skill. I am so thankful Dr. Mushlin is my Doctor.....and so will you be thankful!"
-Pamela H. 

"Dr. Mushlin is hands-down one of the best medical doctors I have ever seen. His demeanor and bed-side manner is calm, positive, thorough, attentive, and personal. He was able to, in one visit, get my asthma under control. He listened to my asthma history and came up with a combination of maintenance medications and got my asthma under control. In One Visit! Several other pulmonologist couldn’t get my asthma under control and they had many years to do so!  Why did Dr. Mushlin accomplish this and others couldn’t? He listens, he cares, and he believes in you! He REALLY cares about your whole being (mind, body, and soul) and wants to know your entire medical history so his medical assessment will be on-point when it comes to your care.  He has a well-rounded medical background and will confidently take on challenging cases. I would definitely recommend Dr. Mushlin to anyone that values their health and wants a doctor that’s empowering and a team player!"
-Wanda T.

"After seeing several doctors about my symptoms, I came to Dr. Mushlin, who listened to my story, and then thoroughly researched, tested, and identified the underlying problem. With excellent "bedside manner," he treated me as a whole person, with the same level of care as a member of his own family. Dr. Mushlin suggested innovative therapies that have given me excellent quality of life while addressing my ongoing health needs. I look forward to my appointments with Dr. Mushlin, knowing that he has my best interests as his top priority. He has repeatedly gone above and beyond to ensure that my medical care is top quality. I highly recommend Dr. Mushlin for your pulmonary care needs."
-Barbara Q.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Mushlin’s for several years and highly recommend his services. In my opinion, he’s very knowledgeable in his field and I hold the utmost respect for him.  He diagnosed me with a rare condition (Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency) which most likely saved my life.  His diagnosis and treatment recommendations have given me back my quality of life.  His bedside manners are outstanding.  He truly takes the time to listen to the patient which in itself is rare these days.  I have never felt more comfortable in the care of a physician and feel extremely fortunate that I’m under his care."  
-Irene S.

"Dr. Mushlin helped my entire family.  First my son was diagnosed with narcolepsy, then I was diagnosed, and my husband with severe apnea.  He always calls personally anytime time we left messages with questions or concerns.  Sometimes the call was just to calm an over concerned mother.  He is very easy to talk to about anything, even topics that aren't related to health issues.  We were lucky to find such a great doctor that could help my entire family improve in so many ways with treatment."
- Wendy K.

"Looking for a Pulmonologist? Dr. Neil Mushlin is the best. He has been treating my COPD and other issues for many years. He exhibits care and concern for me as an individual. He’s a wonderful blend of professionalism and humanism that is sometime difficult to find in the medical community. He takes time to listen and acknowledges my concerns. In the many years of treatment of my issues he has changed my “Quality of Life” for the better."
-Ken S.